DUI Myths and Realities


DUI Myths and Realities:

194dc9da2cbf47f18d4b771b9968f3ce_AdPanelDriving under influence or DUI is the chargeable offense in many countries. It is the act of driving the vehicle under the impact of drugs or alcohol or both. The person charged under this offense may suffer long-term imprisonment and suspension of driving license. The period of license suspension or imprisonment may depend on the seriousness of the crime. It is important for the person charged under this consequence to contact the DUI lawyer immediately after arrest. The DUI attorneys know all the state DUI laws and can help you in the case.

There are many misconceptions in the minds of the people regarding DUI and its effects. Some of the DUI myths and realities are stated below.

DUI Myths and Realities:

Myth: It is impossible to erase the DUI charges from the record of the individual.

Reality: It is possible to erase the DUI charges from the individual’s record if the individual contacts the DUI lawyer immediately after arrest. The DUI lawyer will know all the DUI rules of the particular state. Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer will help you to minimize the punishment or free from the charges.

Myth: Even the first DUI offense can lead to permanent cancellation of driving license.

Reality: When the person is arrested under the DUI charges for the first time, he is charged to pay the fine. Driver’s license may be cancelled for the period of 1-4 months for the first DUI offense.

Myth: One can avoid DUI charges by refusing the breath test.

Reality: When the person is suspected for driving under influence, police stops him and asks for the breath test. If the person refuses for the breath test, the officer has the authority to directly charge the person under DUI laws. Hence, it is always good to undergo the breath test whenever suspected for DUI.

Myth: Drinking before the age of 21 will result in losing 10% of brain power.

Reality: No scientific literature provides evidence to this statement. The above statement represents the misinterpretation of sophisticated research. It oversimplifies the conclusions made by neurologists researching on the effects of alcohol on young brain. The research is performed on the rats in laboratory which clearly demonstrates the connection between alcohol abuse and the damage to the emergent brain. It does not make any declaration for the percent loss of brain power.

Myth: Permissible age limit of 21 keeps the people under 21 from consuming alcohol.

Reality: This has completely proven wrong. The legal age has failed in its goal of protecting the young people from the adverse effects of alcohol consumption. The survey states that about 96% of alcohol is consumed by the people between 15 and 20 years of age. From the years 1993 to 2001, 18-20 years people showed largest augment in the binge drinking. The moderate drinking may be psychologically beneficial but excess drinking can be disastrous consequence for youths.

Myth: Only older people drinking consistently suffer from drinking problems.

Reality: The problems arising due to alcohol consumption may depend on the physical health of an individual. For the person suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, even a single drink daily can cause lots of problem.